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Training Time: Running a Property Title Search

pfl2We tricked you already! You may be interested in running a property title search because you want to verify things like who owns a home and the financial status of the home – registered mortgages, etc. Many mortgage professionals think that searching for this type of information is running a property title search. In fact, a property title search is something that a lawyer performs that involves a variety of searches and other information including things like the homeowner’s status with the municipality.

If you want to verify who owns a home or what mortgages are registered against the home, a basic property search in Purview For Lenders will do it! Check out these training videos below to learn how to access homeownership information, registered mortgages and more…

The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to mitigate fraud and avoid toxic deals. Contact Purview For Lenders today at 1.855.787.8439.

How to validate homeownership information


How to find registered mortgages on title


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