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The Productive Days of Summer?

StarfishSummer is typically known for relaxing on vacation – but it’s also a great time to gain a competitive advantage through location intelligence and data insights.

To gain that competitive edge, your summer strategic plan may consist of three (3) simple steps:

  1. Look for easy access to data;
  2. Ensure comprehensive data selection;
  3. Better understand your risk;

Look for easy access to data


When looking to access risk related data:

  • Confirm if the data is available via web service to allow you to integrate information into your current platform such as the Purview AVM data and perils related data
  • Understand how to obtain the highest match rate between your database and data services to avoid ambiguous addressing through the use of a unique address identifier (UAID®)

Success Story

A recent collaborative project with a shared client resulted in a 30% increase to the match rate to over 80%

Lenders using DMTI Spatial’s™ Location Hub® platform can search the national Purview web service using the UAID which is assigned to every address for Canada with roof-top precision.

Ensure comprehensive data selection

Teranet has partnered together with DMTI Spatial  to provide complimentary capabilities to shared clients to provide them with a more comprehensive view of their data .









With over 15M addresses in Canada, having access to the most comprehensive risk-based information at the property level allows insurance and finance companies to generate new insights.

Better understand your risk

Break the rulesWith this wealth of location-based information businesses can benefit in the following ways:

  • Understand the risks associated with specific geographical areas and leverage that knowledge to fine-tune pricing
  • Link disparate information for real-time decision making
  • Enhance portfolio analysis across the entire book of business


Take advantage of the down-time that summer offers. Evaluate your current systems and workflows and explore solutions that provide comprehensive information to help you hit the ground running in the fall.

Learn how location intelligence can help your business by contacting DMTI Spatial or Teranet.