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Purview Launches NEW Self-Service Administration Functions

 You Asked. We Listened!

In order to save you time and improve your overall experience, Purview has now added two new features to your account:

  • New self-service administrative functions
  • Notification of previously generated reports


Self-Service Administration:

The Account Administrator can:

  • View all Users under your Account (active and inactive)
  • Create a new User and assign product features
  • Modify an existing Users account information and product feature access
  • Deactivate a User account
  • To view the NEW Company Admin section, click “Company Admin” found in the “MyAccount” Section of Purview.

In order to set up your Account Administrator or to learn more about this functionality, please contact Diane Statevski at

Notification of Previously Generated Reports

Purview will now notify the user whether a Report on a subject property has been run in the last 30 days.

There is no charge applied to view a previously generated Report, however please note that this is a historical report and information displayed is based on the generation date of the original report.

For more detailed information on the New Self-Service Admin function or to learn more about viewing previously generated reports, please view the Purview user guide found within the “MyAccount” section.