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Time = Money: Save Resources Through Strong Underwriting Principals

Would you agree that strong underwriting principals directly translate into the operations cost of your underwriting department? We think so. The further a deal goes down the funding process, the more time and expense it means to you. The same reasons still exist for deals blowing up after... Read more

Collection Problems: Your Underwriting Tools are the Answer

rsz_underwriting_tools We often write about topics surrounding due diligence and strong underwriting procedure to mitigate bad deals going on the books. But what happens when deals start going bad? What steps can you take to protect your interests? The more you know, the better off you’ll be when... Read more

Do You Upsell Your Deals?

pfl-up-sell-your-deals-2 When a deal comes in through a broker or even a branch, the first thing you likely look to do is get the presented deal approved. You assume that the deal originator has collected all of the information, that the information is accurate and that the deal... Read more