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Reduce Mortgage Fraud

How Much Do You Know About Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud?

We are putting your fraud knowledge to the test. Share this quiz with your underwriters to see just how much your team knows about identifying real estate and mortgage fraud. pfl1 Want more information about how you can help your underwriters identify fraud when underwriting a deal? Check out Purview For... Read more

Training Blog – Fraud Check

pfl1 Lenders use Purview For Lenders for many and sometimes all of the benefits it offers. If you haven’t yet fully explored every aspect of the report and how you can be making the maximum use of the report – let us introduce you to Fraud Check. Fraud... Read more

Reduce Mortgage Fraud Using Technology!

reduce mortgage fraudWe blog so much on the topic of fraud because it remains a very common challenge facing the mortgage industry as a whole. There are so many different types of fraud and one reason it is so challenging is because, in many instances,... Read more