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Second Teranet Market Insights Report Reveals Age Real Estate Trends

Lenders, use our second Teranet Market Insights report to gain important insight into the current Ontario and Canadian real estate market. In the November 2017 publication, we feature up-to-date data on millennial home buying trends, age demographics and the impact on the Ontario real estate market, and Ontario residential sales volumes and conveyancing trends across... Read more

Condos Outperforming All Other Ontario Housing Market Dwellings

The housing of the future could look much different than that of the past if the current Ontario housing market is any indication. Historically, more traditional dwelling types such as single-detached homes, semis, and row houses have performed best in the Ontario housing market. However, now there’s... Read more

The Numbers Are In: House Prices Up 2% in July

In July, the national composite rise was significantly driven by a 2.1% increase in the market with the largest aggregate property value: Toronto. While this looks strong given the current context in the GTA, note that a weakening is occurring in the unsmoothed index* for “dwellings other than... Read more

Ontario Liberals’ Announcement: Making Housing More Affordable

The Ontario housing market continues to be red-hot. House prices have increased significantly because of supply and demand challenges, often leading buyers to go above and beyond asking prices, engaging in bidding wars in an effort to find housing in a market that can’t seem to meet... Read more

2017 is Here and Interest Rates Have No Where to Go But…

While 2015 was a fairly active year as far as the Bank of Canada adjusting interest rates, 2016 has remained largely uneventful. Canada began 2016 with a low interest rate of 0.5%, which has remained the status quo throughout the entire year. Economists and the Canadian government alike have... Read more

Canadian Banks Taking on More Risk than U.S. Counterparts

rsz_pfl_mortgage_rates We stumbled upon an article recently in the Huffington Post that we thought was worth blogging about. Often we find ourselves watching interest rates to predict rising mortgage rates, but in this article the writer takes a look at consumer debt and financial health as a reason... Read more