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Real Estate Fraud

Protect Yourself: Mortgage Fraud Thriving in Hot Market

mortgage-fraud1 We came across a great article in the Globe and Mail about mortgage fraud being on the rise in the thriving hot real estate market - a topic we often blog about – and thought we’d share. We do so because most examples of mortgage fraud are... Read more

In the Know: FCAC Recommendations to Prevent Real Estate Fraud

rsz_prevent_real_estate_fraudThe Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) put up a really great page about real estate fraud prevention. The page provides education about the two types of fraud that most commonly lead consumers (and we would add to that lenders) to financial losses. These types of real... Read more

Mortgage Underwriters 101 – 7-Point Online Fraud Check

Mortgage fraud costs you big! The only way to mitigate it is to identify it and prevent it. Like a vehicle inspection, we have created this 7-point fraud check that your underwriters can use when working on a deal! purv2   Want to learn more about how you can identify and... Read more

How Much Do You Know About Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud?

We are putting your fraud knowledge to the test. Share this quiz with your underwriters to see just how much your team knows about identifying real estate and mortgage fraud. pfl1 Want more information about how you can help your underwriters identify fraud when underwriting a deal? Check out Purview For... Read more

Training Blog – Fraud Check

pfl1 Lenders use Purview For Lenders for many and sometimes all of the benefits it offers. If you haven’t yet fully explored every aspect of the report and how you can be making the maximum use of the report – let us introduce you to Fraud Check. Fraud... Read more