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Property Valuation

Property Valuation Fraud Increases in Uncertain Market Conditions

With property interest rates increasing, rumours of a bubble in cities like Toronto, and speculation that some housing markets are cooling, average Canadian homeowners — especially those in debt — are likely nervous. This is the perfect environment for the most dangerous type of fraud: property valuation... Read more

Property Valuation 101 – The Area is as Important as the Property

Lenders in Canada invest significantly in underwriting tools to be able to ensure that when they fund a deal, they know what the value of the security pledged is. This occurs by investing in technology that facilitates the ability to pull comparable sales, run automated valuation models,... Read more

Saving Time: Things to Look for in Your Application

One of the single largest expenses in a lender’s underwriting operation is the incorrect disclosure and omission of information. While this occurs to varying degrees, and while it is still argued which instances are and are not mortgage fraud, it nonetheless drives up the cost of underwriting. This... Read more

Assessing Property Values in Hot Urban Markets

rsz_online_real_estate Assessing property values becomes uniquely difficult in hot Canadian urban markets like Toronto and Vancouver. With property values rising exponentially year over year, and with some economists stating that we could be headed for a cooling in the real estate market due largely in part to new... Read more

Training Time: Running a Property Title Search

pfl2We tricked you already! You may be interested in running a property title search because you want to verify things like who owns a home and the financial status of the home – registered mortgages, etc. Many mortgage professionals think that searching for this type of... Read more

How to Identify When an Area is Headed in the Wrong Direction

indetifying bad areasWhen it comes to avoiding lending too richly on an asset that could lose value, identifying problem areas in real estate is a key aspect of risk management that large FIs continue to monitor and that smaller FIs and private lenders are catching onto. Sometimes... Read more