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Property Data

What Does the Property Data Source Mean to You?

When you’re looking at property data, have you considered where your data is coming from? Automated valuation model (AVM) providers get their property data from different sources. For example, Real Estate Boards often source their data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and municipalities often get their... Read more

Lender Tips: What to Do When You Need More Holistic Property Data

Mortgage lenders, here at Teranet, we know bulk property data is necessary for optimizing your business, but often finding the property data you need can be tricky business. Some products offer certain property data metrics you require, but not others. Or one client requires different risk assessment... Read more

Canadian Lenders: Thriving in a Risky Housing Market

With everyone from the federal to provincial to municipal governments taking action to try to cool the hot Canadian real estate market, it makes planning for what’s to come that much more complicated for lenders. Every time there is a change to a rule, regulation, taxation, etc., you... Read more