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Property Appraisal

Property Appraisal vs. Automated Valuation Model

We hear it often enough, but is the question of an appraisal vs automated valuation model really a question of either or? This blog will explore this very question. First, let’s take a look at the differences between an appraisal and an automated valuation model (AVM). An appraisal... Read more

Online Appraisals Available in Canada?

online-appraisal-sm Obtaining an appraisal can be a time consuming and expensive process. While appraisals are not necessarily required on all deals, when one is required it can be a time-consuming pain in the butt. Generally speaking, most lenders and insurers now leverage automated valuation models (AVM) in the... Read more

How to Identify When an Area is Headed in the Wrong Direction

indetifying bad areasWhen it comes to avoiding lending too richly on an asset that could lose value, identifying problem areas in real estate is a key aspect of risk management that large FIs continue to monitor and that smaller FIs and private lenders are catching onto. Sometimes... Read more

How an AVM is Different From a Property Appraisal

Property AppraisalA large part of properly underwriting and administering mortgages is evaluating risk – not just as it relates to the borrower but also as it relates to the property. AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) have become a common and integral part of workflow in various departments... Read more