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Ontario Housing Market

Condos Outperforming All Other Ontario Housing Market Dwellings

The housing of the future could look much different than that of the past if the current Ontario housing market is any indication. Historically, more traditional dwelling types such as single-detached homes, semis, and row houses have performed best in the Ontario housing market. However, now there’s... Read more

Ontario Housing Market Spotlight: Mortgages Owed on the Rise

The Ontario housing market appears to be cooling and homeowners are owing more than ever on their mortgages. With interest rates higher and banks being more restricted with respect to CMHC-insured mortgages, some homeowners are scrambling now to refinance their homes to consolidate debt, lock in mortgage... Read more

Canadian Housing Market Bubble – Economists Weigh In

The Canadian housing market has seen continual growth ovcanadian house market bubbleer the years, especially in and surrounding urban centres. This ongoing growth in the value of Canadian properties has led some to rejoice, while others, including well known economists, seem to be all over the map with... Read more