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Mortgage Fraud in Canada

Mortgage Underwriters 101 – 7-Point Online Fraud Check

Mortgage fraud costs you big! The only way to mitigate it is to identify it and prevent it. Like a vehicle inspection, we have created this 7-point fraud check that your underwriters can use when working on a deal! purv2   Want to learn more about how you can identify and... Read more

Mortgage Fraud Focus: Using a Property Sales History to Identify Fraud

pfl1There are many different aspects of fraud that impact the mortgage industry and that lenders have to look out for. It seems simple when establishing underwriting guidelines right?
  • Property comes in on value – check
  • Property is owner occupied – check
  • Client can prove claimed down payment – check
The scary... Read more

Mortgage Fraud in Canada – What Are You Doing About it?

  pfl2We write a lot about mortgage fraud in Canada, for various reasons. Obviously offering a tool that is a solution for mortgage fraud is one reason, but another, far more important, reason is because of the dire impact that mortgage fraud has in Canada and how... Read more

Mortgage Fraud in Canada and What Brokers Have to Say!

pfl1We recently concluded our first Fraud Awareness Month during which we dedicated our social media to fraud awareness and increasing the dialogue between lenders and brokers about types of mortgage fraud in Canada that are prevalent in the industry. It was a huge success! So many financial... Read more