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Mortgage Fraud

Property Valuation Fraud Increases in Uncertain Market Conditions

With property interest rates increasing, rumours of a bubble in cities like Toronto, and speculation that some housing markets are cooling, average Canadian homeowners — especially those in debt — are likely nervous. This is the perfect environment for the most dangerous type of fraud: property valuation... Read more

Mortgage Fraud: On the Decline or On the Rise?

Mortgage fraud is a lender’s worst nightmare. Lending is your bread and butter, so you need to be vigilant when it comes to detecting mortgage fraud. Ultimately, your institution will be the one impacted when a fraudulent transaction makes it past your scrutiny. The chances of recuperating money... Read more

How to be One Step Ahead of the Fraudsters

Your team will be as agile as you want them to be. The tools and resources you provide to them can greatly increase your competitiveness as a company, not to mention overall profitability. As with anything related to business, there are needs and wants, and, just as... Read more

Are You Ready for Fraud Prevention Month?

March 2017 will kick off Canada’s annual Fraud Prevention Month. During the month, everyone from banks to government to law enforcement will release useful information to aid in preventing fraud. Fraud costs consumers and financial institutions billions of dollars annually. In fact, last year there was an... Read more

Who is Committing Mortgage Fraud – Your Brokers or Your Applicants?

It has been widely debated what is and what is not considered mortgage fraud, and who the perpetrators of mortgage fraud are. Because mortgage fraud deals with information that is often incorrectly declared or omitted from mortgage applications, this debate runs rampant. The most common incidences of... Read more

Saving Time: Things to Look for in Your Application

One of the single largest expenses in a lender’s underwriting operation is the incorrect disclosure and omission of information. While this occurs to varying degrees, and while it is still argued which instances are and are not mortgage fraud, it nonetheless drives up the cost of underwriting. This... Read more

Identifying Mortgage Fraud in 1-2-3

identifying-mortgage-fraud It’s hard to be a lender. Lenders, unfortunately, are constantly tested and charged with the task of catching mortgage fraud. Whether you are dealing with the end-customer, real estate sales professional, mortgage broker, builder, etc. the buck stops at you! At the end of the day, it is... Read more

Protect Yourself: Mortgage Fraud Thriving in Hot Market

mortgage-fraud1 We came across a great article in the Globe and Mail about mortgage fraud being on the rise in the thriving hot real estate market - a topic we often blog about – and thought we’d share. We do so because most examples of mortgage fraud are... Read more

Underwriting Tips in a High Risk Lending Environment

underwriting-tips-in-a-high-risk-lending-environment-pfl-1 Back in May and June, some economists speculated that the Bank of Canada might increase Canada’s lending rate in their July announcement, but thanks to Brexit and some markets continuing to maintain piping hot house prices, the BOC decided to maintain the 0.5% interest rate that Canadians... Read more

How Much Do You Know About Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud?

We are putting your fraud knowledge to the test. Share this quiz with your underwriters to see just how much your team knows about identifying real estate and mortgage fraud. pfl1 Want more information about how you can help your underwriters identify fraud when underwriting a deal? Check out Purview For... Read more