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Are Changes to High-Ratio Mortgage Rules Too Tough for Homebuyers?

Changes to the rules for a high-ratio mortgage may make it tougher for some first-time homebuyers to get one at all. The regulations are meant to ensure everyone who gets one can afford their mortgage should rates increase in the near future. The housing market in Canada continues... Read more

Coaching Your Brokers on Deal Packaging Best Practices

coaching your brokersLenders are famous for sending their business development managers out to make mortgage brokers and agents aware of current products and rate promotions. This is an important aspect of marketing to brokers that is essential for keeping yourself fresh in their minds so that... Read more

More Mortgage Brokers Than Ever Using AVMs

mortgage brokersWhile you have likely been using AVMs (automated valuation models) for many years as a lender, many brokers have only started using them more so in recent years, largely because they have been a product generally offered to lenders. This is no longer the case... Read more