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Fraudulent Mortgages

Mortgage Fraud in Canada – What Are You Doing About it?

  pfl2We write a lot about mortgage fraud in Canada, for various reasons. Obviously offering a tool that is a solution for mortgage fraud is one reason, but another, far more important, reason is because of the dire impact that mortgage fraud has in Canada and how... Read more

Training Blog – Fraud Check

pfl1 Lenders use Purview For Lenders for many and sometimes all of the benefits it offers. If you haven’t yet fully explored every aspect of the report and how you can be making the maximum use of the report – let us introduce you to Fraud Check. Fraud... Read more

Real Estate Developers Found Guilty in Fraud Scheme

property fraudIt is always sad to hear news concerning colleagues in the real estate and financial industry being active participants or perpetrators in fraud schemes that contribute to negative impacts on the industry as a whole. In mortgage transactions especially, there are often many parties to... Read more

Spotting Identify Theft Combats Fraudulent Mortgages

fraudulent mortgagesIdentity theft - a crime often attributed to title fraud - is something that Canadian lenders continue to struggle with. While stats on Identity theft in Canada are scant, this infographic includes some startling statistics with respect to our counterparts south of the border that... Read more