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Fraud Awareness Month

Fraud Prevention Month is in Full Swing

pflFraud prevention month is in full swing and so many fantastic organizations are making a huge difference in raising awareness about fraud prevention this fraud prevention month. Covering a wide range of fraud, fraud prevention month aims to educate consumers about what to look out for when... Read more

Real Estate Developers Found Guilty in Fraud Scheme

property fraudIt is always sad to hear news concerning colleagues in the real estate and financial industry being active participants or perpetrators in fraud schemes that contribute to negative impacts on the industry as a whole. In mortgage transactions especially, there are often many parties to... Read more

Did you Participate in Fraud Awareness Month?

Fraud Awareness MonthFraud continues to plague the mortgage industry. Mortgage fraud impacts everyone from insurers, to lenders, to brokers and more… Fraud drives of the cost of everything up - from insurance to the cost of the additional underwriting and due diligence required in correlation to... Read more