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Canadian Housing Market

Ontario Liberals’ Announcement: Making Housing More Affordable

The Ontario housing market continues to be red-hot. House prices have increased significantly because of supply and demand challenges, often leading buyers to go above and beyond asking prices, engaging in bidding wars in an effort to find housing in a market that can’t seem to meet... Read more

Canadian Housing Market Un-topple-able?

pfl1 For several years, economists and professionals alike have speculated that Canada is in a housing bubble. This speculation has even led to a number of changes to CMHC’s criteria when it comes to approving a borrower for high ratio insurance. Some may credit these changes for the... Read more

Competing in a Thriving Canadian Housing Market!

Spring has sprung and real estate professionals and brokers across Canada are on the run…. literally…. from house to house making deals. The spring boom is here and so we wanted to share this great infographic with you so that you can make the most of the season. pfl11Read more