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Automated Valuation Models

Automated Valuation Models Could Support Fully Digital Deals

As technology has evolved, so too have the abilities of lenders. In the old days, arranging a deal was much more paper-based. Remember the old Basis 100 days? Technology has changed the speed at which a deal can be arranged, making the entire process faster. Cloud-based applications... Read more

Risk Management Tools Useful for More than Just Mortgages

Risk management tools like automated valuation models have become invaluable in lenders’ mortgage underwriting operations when it comes to underwriting a deal and assessing property values. In instances where a deal is high ratio, an AVM can help you assess property values before sending a deal to your... Read more

Property Valuation 101 – The Area is as Important as the Property

Lenders in Canada invest significantly in underwriting tools to be able to ensure that when they fund a deal, they know what the value of the security pledged is. This occurs by investing in technology that facilitates the ability to pull comparable sales, run automated valuation models,... Read more

Automated Valuation Models in 1-2-3

Automated Valuation Models (AVM) are becoming the norm with lending institutions across Canada. It is important that if you plan to integrate Automated Valuation Models into your workflow that you understand what an AVM is and what it is not. Often AVMs are confused with appraisals because they both deal with evaluating property value. However,... Read more

How Lenders Use Automated Valuation Models

pfl1 Thanks to their growth in popularity, you may be considering integrating automated valuation models (AVM) into your operations to get the maximum potential from their capability. Perhaps you are also wondering what aspects of operations you should integrate into this very valuable resource. The obvious area you... Read more

Getting Back to Basics: What is an Automated Valuation Model?

pfl1 Automated valuation models are incredibly useful and cost-effective tools in the underwriting game. While many banks and larger FIs have used automated valuation models in their operations going back to the 90s, in recent years this practice has begun to gain popularity amongst smaller lenders. This can... Read more

The Productive Days of Summer?

StarfishSummer is typically known for relaxing on vacation – but it’s also a great time to gain a competitive advantage through location intelligence and data insights. To gain that competitive edge, your summer strategic plan may consist of three (3) simple steps:
  1. Look for easy access to data;
  2. Ensure comprehensive... Read more