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Automated Property Valuation

The Productive Days of Summer?

StarfishSummer is typically known for relaxing on vacation – but it’s also a great time to gain a competitive advantage through location intelligence and data insights. To gain that competitive edge, your summer strategic plan may consist of three (3) simple steps:
  1. Look for easy access to data;
  2. Ensure comprehensive... Read more

More Mortgage Brokers Than Ever Using AVMs

mortgage brokersWhile you have likely been using AVMs (automated valuation models) for many years as a lender, many brokers have only started using them more so in recent years, largely because they have been a product generally offered to lenders. This is no longer the case... Read more

What is an AVM or Automated Valuation Model?

Automated Property ValuationDespite the fact that so many lenders now use them, one very common question is what is an AVM or automated valuation model? An automated valuation model is an algorithm that analyses data and generates an estimated value on a particular property. This value is derived... Read more